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Three tier user modules

From Administrators to Teachers to Students, utilise the same login page to access different account panels and roles securely - no clashes.

Different Views, Different data, Strong security

Administrators can manage all user accounts, take actions against misconduct, ensure data integrity of information, update the school settings, ensure no permission leaks between teacher and student.

Unlimited Users - Speed maintained

Unlimited users - students and teachers alike can be added with ease to the system with minimal effect on loading times. Upload multiple at the same time students and teacher using the builtin Excel importer

No Scratch Cards/PINS - Unlimited Access

Login anytime, anywhere, no need to carry or remember long PINS again. Check your result with just a click.. What's more - No count-down on usage. Print your results anytime from the portal.

Study Materials, Assignments, Multi-choice questions

Utilise the e-learning menu to access student notes. Use the builtin assignment module to continue learning away from school. Attempt quizzes at the convenience of your device be it mobile phone or PC. continue learning with ease at home.

Student Report Sheet

Concise and complete report sheet per term and per annum available for every student at the end of the session. Easily spot out where help is needed.

Teaching Simplified.

Upload termly academic notes, lesson plans and manage timetables and access them anywhere. Grade students automatically with multichoice questions. Manage class students efficiently. Continue teaching from the home.

Comment on student performance

At end of term or semester, upload scores easily using the offline Excel mark available during the post-examination exercises. Reach out to your students using the teacher comments

Same teacher login, different subject, different class

Distinctly manage your subject as a teacher. Class managers identify their students in full

Robust Student Result management

Students' general academic performance is represented in a broadsheet format. This makes it easy for management to see the report for each class, each subject and each section. Also the cummulatives are indicated so easy to identify outstanding performance. Print the broadsheet easily and efficiently.

Student Promotion

Manage student promotion from a class to a higher class. Now you don't have to worry about adding the students again. Just promote them like writing a new register for them... Only far easier.

Student Transcript

Automatically generate student academic transcript per session, across the years. Keep student grade securely while students go on transfer

School Management done right

Generate fees, manage teachers, add classes and sections, control exams, learn the easy side of school management...

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