Complete management software for your school

StellaMath School Manager is the simplest solution for school automation

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Awesome Features

StellaMath School Manager provides all important features those you will require to run your school.

Regular Updates

We are always adding features based on clients' requests.

Affordable License

Cheap subscription fees and free one year maintenance upon installation.

Client Satisfaction

We are dedicated to our clients for top-notch service.

Student Report Sheet

We know you know math, you use it to create report sheet per student and it can be super-tedious, so we simplify it for you... automatically ;-), you only need to click.

Students have their evaluation on-the-go.
View the three Domains of your ward, clearly.

Complete academic operation

Bulk admission, class timetables, attendance, promotion, Multi-choice questions, assignments, you name it. StellaMath School Manager supports them.

Take student daily attendance
Study materials and exam marks.

Directors to Teachers to Students

Various levels of users with their powers within their dashboard.

Dashboard for everyone
Super security guaranteed
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Manage your school the ideal way

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